Gillian Iles
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Body of work: That's not how we do things here

Do things here: Aqua  
Gillian Iles is interested in the manufacturing of public ideology, the role of imagery in affecting bias and interpretation, and the fabrication of universal "normals".

That's not how we do things here continues this investigation by examining the world of adolescent youth. In particular, the natural order of the next generation challenging the established canons of the previous generation. The paintings are an examination of ambiguous codes of conduct and burgeoning potentials, as well as the inevitability of social change.

Each painting is the capture of a singular moment during an event. A full description of the event is deliberately omitted. Therefore, the nature of the event and its relative significance is left to the discretion of the viewer. A secondary narrative is created in each work by the inclusion of superficially banal or unrelated objects and imagery. As a result, within each painting, the primary narrative and the seemingly unrelated secondary narrative sympathetically coexist or discordantly collide. What is at first a suggestive primary narrative, through its juxtaposition with secondary narratives, becomes a heightened, cumulative, sensory scenario.

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