Gillian Iles
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Body of work: Part of

part of   Part of challenges the choice of Subject. The role of the unseen, the unrelated, the banal, and the spaces in between are used to create images, which specifically contrast with and deconstruct the popularly accepted notion of the Subject. Each painting is the capture of a singular moment during an event. The spaces between the characters come to represent the non-physical qualities of that suspended moment. The inexplicable ability of the mind and senses to focus intensely on the most banal or unrelated of subject matter during a moment of significance is portrayed with in these spaces. The relative significance of the event is left to the discretion of the viewer.

Part of focuses on the group dynamic by using redirected focal points. Through extreme cropping, the individuals are made anonymous and it is the spaces between them, which are the focal points. Concentration is directed on how the individuals have chosen to occupy the spaces between and how individuals have chosen to physically relate themselves to each other. The true nature of their relationship is now paramount and is described through their body language, proximal positions to each other and absence of facial expressions. Contrasting with the compositional ideals of classical Portraiture and Historical Painting, the individuals' physical forms are not the subjects in these paintings. It is the spaces in between the people that inform the subject. Within theses spaces attention has been placed on otherwise banal or unrelated objects allowing the viewer to draw their own conclusions thereby creating a new subject.

Part of is a collection of paintings that reconsiders the interpretation of the subject within existing photographs. The composition within each original photograph was framed and selected by the photographer so as to center and best present the subject to the viewer. In the paintings, this framing has been reorganized and the focus redirected to the nuances of the situation.

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