Gillian Iles
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Body of work: IF NOT NOW THEN WHEN

The other.
The divide.

Building walls, actual, or cerebral to contain, preserve and protect. Whether they are deliberate or an unintentional outcome they require a whole to be split, a division to be determined. Disassociation is created.

To keep something out you keep something in. Trapped.

The work examines the sensation of disassociation, unfamiliarity and the related qualities of distrust and fear - but also the allure of what was once known and the mysteries it contains. The work expresses the moment that is the opportunity to cross the divide hanging on the decision that needs to be made.

Alongside this idea is the presentation of the frail and failing old guard established Western, colonial canons of power, authority and perceived ideals struggling to maintain a tenuous persistence within the shadow of their inexorable demise. They are trapped and held hostage by the very nature of their philosophy.

Although fuelled by geo-political events, the work references the individual experience. Divisions and philosophical entrenchment are presently occurring like I have not been aware of before within my own lifetime. Likewise, a significant push for change and confrontation of what, until recently, has been viewed as inalterable, is occurring.

The content embraces the duality of the divide, the idealized and the unknown and the inevitability of change that looms larger than either.

The installation is a response to the dichotomy - both the fear and the hope.

It combines large paintings, small-scale intimate imagery, constructions and 3-D objects. The installation is environmental in scope, with 2-D, 3-D and video work assembled, staggered and clustered, constructing spaces and incorporating both real and illusionary environments as extensions of each other.

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