Gillian Iles
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Body of work: You may be a winner

We found ourselves within a dark forest  
You may be a winner is the third installment in series that included You can only get there from here and We found ourselves in a dark forest. The narrative based series follows a group of young protagonists confrontation with an awareness of their own potential and how it is shaped by social ideals, social orders and idealized lifestyles. The presentation of symbolic imagery draws from reoccurring themes within digital culture and social media, which presents an infinite array of ideals and desires as a sensory collage of fleeting instants. The imagery includes a primal environment akin to Eden in its combination of desire and threat. The ideals that simultaneously repel and attract are within reach, but the most significant obstacles and pitfalls are now present. The ubiquitous next generation, when on the cusp of defining their mature identity, are potential future agents of change. Each generation possesses the primal inclination for shifts and challenges to the accepted ideals. Like Schrödinger's cat, the perception of what is ideal is tenuous and all outcomes are possible yet at this point remain undefined.

You may be a winner is a combination of large-scale paintings with sculpture. The installation is environmental in scope, where paintings physically construct a corner and the viewer walks up a rising floor plane to a precipice. At the precipice, the imagery extends above, below and to the sides of the viewer. The viewer encompassed by the imagery becomes the protagonist, presented with the choice of infinite possibility and consequence. Take the leap or walk away.

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